Concert: Batuhan Polat & Geeva Flava


Batuhan Polat is a songwriter and performance artist. His music and live performances aim what he calls "emotional nudity." It is nourished by the sensitivity and an enthusiasm of the heart's emotions, the pain and the joy. He wants to break the secret bans of the testimony.

For Geeva Flava, music is more of a feeling than context. A mysterious sensation with no ways to explain it. This is why Geeva Flava is a progressive storytelling band, searching for cumulative human acts to give meaning to this sensation.In 2013, Geeva Flava was formed by Aybars Gülümser and Ömer Kaya. Later, they formed a joint with Ozan Can, Berkin Özbatır and Can Arsoy to work on their Soundcloud recordings. Their music nourished by folk, rock, jazz and progressive stories in thefollowing years. Which inspired them to work on their new musical fanzine series. They released the first ep "Botanik #1" in 2018, followed by "Kinetik #2" in 2019.

Event starts at 9 pm