Songs of Experience: Tim Wolff


Songs of Experience: Tim Wolff


As a series of interviews, programmed by Yavuz Gözeller, focusing on the cultural and artistic accumulation of individuals, artists, directors, curators and academicians from different disciplines and fields within the life of culture and art, “Songs of Experience” will host American director and documentary producer Tim Wolff, in collaboration with the American Consulate.

The language of the event is English and Turkish translation will be available.

Free event

Who is Tim Wolff?

Tim Wolff began his career working with directors such as documentary filmmaker Alexander Mackendrick and Terry Sanders, who have won two Oscars, and later produced documentaries for HBO and Netflix. Wolff mostly known by his films “The Sons of Tennessee Williams”, “A Family in Vietnam” and “I’m Moshanty. Do You Love Me?” which will be also screen 2020 Pink Life Queer Fest in Istanbul.